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{ On Writing }

I have always been intrigued by words. As a kid, I always had my head buried in books and writing in journals. Words were a creative outlet for me, a way to escape into my dreams, to paint my life in a more colorful way.

Writing started at a young age, first with journals and then poetry. Somehow adulthood found me writing less. Then my world turned upside down when I found myself single for the first time in a very long time and felt the need to share my story with others. That led to my first book, Table for One.

Years later I would find myself inspired by a poet who shared his words on stage. I returned home and a poem unfolded effortlessly, something that had not occurred in years. Over time I had a poetry collection for my second book, Pieces of Me.

I continue to write and share my personal journey, my truth, and lessons I have learned to help guide others on their personal journey.

{ On Photography }

Photography was my second love. My first camera was one that used 126 film and flash cubes. I always toted it around, capturing the moments unfolding around me. In high school I enrolled in a black and white photography class and revisited it again at the local community college.

I walked away from photography for several years but have recently returned to it. My self-criticism and focus on finding new clients to start an outdoor portraiture business stripped the joy of shooting for pleasure. I now realize that in walking away from photography, I had walked way from myself and one of the things that truly adds joy to my life.

Photography is an amazing way to capture the moments, memories and milestones of life. I love how a photo can capture the human experience, the beauty of nature, and create a deeper connection with the world around you.

All images (c) Jennifer L Moudy

{ On Speaking }

Speaking was not something that had been on my radar. It was after the publishing of my first book that I knew I needed to step into speaking. I felt pulled to share my personal story and my journey to loving myself first. It started with women's networking groups and then grew to speaking for a National Charity League event. Tucked under my belt are a few small events I hosted as well to help women step outside their comfort zones and embrace their truth.

{ On LYF }

LYF is first and foremost, about Loving You First. It is about strengthening your relationship with your self in order to step more fully into your power. It is about accepting where you are in your life and acknowledging how far you have already come on your journey.

Secondly, LYF is about Living Yours Fully—your life, that is. It is about adding joy to your life by doing more of the things that bring a smile to your heart and soul. It is about igniting that fire within and allowing it to burn brightly in the world.

This is an online community to inspire you to get out of your own way. It is a place to encourage you to keep writing because your story isn’t over. It is a space to help you find your voice, to give yourself permission, to share your truth, to live life on your terms. It is a gathering to help you unleash your creativity, your inner beauty, your gifts.

Words are powerful. Choose them carefully for what you tell yourself becomes your truth. Your words can hold you back or allow you to live all out. They can keep you stuck or help you move forward. They can uplift and support or tear you down. You must learn to speak to yourself with kindness, compassion, forgiveness and understanding. You must learn to love yourself first as it impacts every area of your life.

This is a place to help guide you to honor and respect yourself—to love yourself and live more fully. This is a community to help you become the creator of your own story.

And yes, it is also a place for me to unleash my creativity and share what’s on my heart, in hopes of inspiring you to do the same.

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Jennifer L Moudy
Writer, Speaker, Creator, Photographer // Loving You First (LYF 💖) is key to stepping more fully into your power // Author of: "Table for One: Let Go of Unfulfilling Relationships and Embrace Being Single" and "Pieces of Me: Poetry & Thoughts" 📚